Rhéal Pitre Sports story

Founded in 1979 by Mr. Rhéal Pitre in Downtown New-Richmond, Rhéal Pitre Sports is a family business that sells sports equipments, clothes and shoes. The succession is fully ensured by Alain Pitre since 2009. The business has been under the Sport Excellence banner for the last 15 years, but in 2003, a new hunting and fishing department has taken a good share of the annual business. In March 2009, Rhéal Pitre Sports moved to a new strategic business location and got 20 000 square feet bigger in a building located on the route 132, in New Richmond. Since then, Rhéal Pitre Sports never stopped growing and is now the only Canadian importer and distributor of Guideline, a Swedish fly fishing product brand. In November 2017, www.boutiquerps.com is born to maximise the growth of business.

Rhéal Pitre Sports, a proud business from Gaspésie, member of Priorité Gaspésie, active and involved in the community can count on a team of 25 enthusiasts to offer you a shopping experience like no other.

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